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Look for a escort job. You have style and class? You are a attractive and pretty woman? We are looking for german-speaking ladies from 21 – 50 years who would like to work as an escort with us. You can expect a very lucrative additional income, a relaxed & respectful working atmosphere with free time management. If you want to work freelance besides your job or study, what to earn and want to get to know nice demanding male clients, you are right here. As a serious escort service you get 70% of your fee & we get our agency commission. For questions and answers we are at your disposal.

Which 6 special attributes should I have?

Trusted, confident, elegant

General education with etiquette

you speak German and other languages

You are 21 – 50 years old

You feel right in the companion of a man

You love erotic, fetish and you love to be a mistress

You can find lucrative earning opportunities

Dates with ambitious clients

A free time management according to your wishes is waiting for you.

You can expect free, creative & independent work without pressure

It is free for you how often and where you want to accept your bookings.

A relaxed and fair cooperation awaits you.

You get the fairest and highest fee rate available.

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FAQ Escort

We forward the customer’s inquiries and wishes to you. You then decide whether to accept this request and which wishes you will fulfil for the guest. If you agree to the customer’s request, you will receive all further data about the customer from us. You accompany the customer e.g. to dinner, to the museum or on a trip. For the accompaniment the customer usually wishes for a great and sophisticated escort and conversation partner as well as crackling eroticism and a sexual open-mindedness. Mostly forgiven men are looking for variety or for that which they cannot get at home.

You should be open-minded, enjoy meeting new people and of course have fun with sex and erotic. You should always pay attention to your appearance, be well-groomed, know how to behave in high society and have a confident manner. It is also an advantage if you speak one or more foreign languages when dealing with international customers.

The easiest way is to use our application form with a short personal description and a few meaningful and unedited photos. You are also welcome to contact us in advance by telephone if you want to clarify some questions in advance.

We advise you in the best way in all questions around the topic of escort service and give you helpful tips through our many years of experience.

Discretion is very important in the business. Your personal data will never be passed on to the customer or prospective customer or any other private details will never be disclosed. The same applies vice versa, of course. We can never pass on customer data to the escort lady or third parties.

If you are an attractive, likeable lady with a positive charisma, very good manners, well-groomed appearance, punctual, open-minded, reliable and flexible, you can apply to us at any time. The age is important and you should have completed the age of 18. Please enclose unedited, meaningful photos with your application.

First you should be smart and satisfied with your body itself. The customer quickly notices if his counterpart feels uncomfortable or is dissatisfied with himself. Of course all other attractive ladies are also welcome. German is important, of course all other languages very welcome for our international guests.

You will receive the fee agreed on the sedcard minus our commission. Any discounts or rebates will always be clarified with you in advance and require your approval. You have to make sure that the complete fee is handed over to you in full at the beginning of the date. Please check this carefully, as later complaints are usually not possible. Of course, you will not incur any further costs for restaurant visits, entrance fees or other undertakings, these will of course be borne by the customer.

For meetings outside the place of residence, the travel expenses are of course covered by the client and are paid by the client to the escort agency in advance.

The earning options are very high and we start at 400,00 € , less our commission.