Your Escort Guide

You are thinking about whether to book an escort for a date or business dinner and have no idea how to act? It’s just like a normal date.

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1. make sure that you are washed, smart and dressed in the right style for the date. You expect a lady with whom you can be shown.

2. please behave towards the lady in a very natural way, but like a gentleman and a gentleman. The lady appreciates to be treated respectfully. Do not forget to get a sweet present for your lady. Women love exclusive gifts like perfume.

3.before you go on a date, check your finances so that you do not show up at the meeting place without money and hand over the lady’s fee.

4.the chemistry has to be right, if they find each other likeable at the first conversation, there is nothing to stop them from meeting each other. know which lady you have booked for your sexual preferences. But it must not be unpleasant for you to explain your erotic inclinations and fantasies. So the lady knows how you want to be spoiled.

6. discretion is very important to us and we do not want you to have to explain yourself in front of someone at home or at work.

7. we attach great importance to safer sex and condom obligation for the ladies. You want to stay healthy in the future too, don’t you?

With these simple rules you will enjoy an unforgettable and beautiful time with our escort ladies.