Fees from ETC Escort

The fees shown are payment for the time spent together and VAT is included in the prices

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E-Mail: info@etc-escort.com

Privat Time Soft

 1 hour = 400€ in Hamburg

2 hours = 500€ in Hamburg

3 hours = 600€ 

4 hours = 700€

8 hours = 1100€

12 hours  = 1500€

24 hours = 3000€

7 days on request

Privat Time Rough

 1 hour = 600€ in Hamburg

2 hours = 700€ in Hamburg

3 hours = 800€ 

4 hours = 900€

8 hours = 1100€

12 hours  = 1500€

24 hours = 3000€

7 days on request


1 hrs = 300€

2 hours = 400€

3 hours = 500€

8 hours = 1000€

Every hour = 100€


Fr 20:00 Uhr – Sa 20:00 Uhr = 3000€

Privat Time Soft

If you want to experience intimate moments, or if you want to get more out of the flirting on a dinner date, the Private Date is the right choice for you. Put yourself in the hands of your preferred lady and experience erotic adventures together. After an exciting flirtation with a get-to-know-drink you can let the escort date lead to the climax behind closed doors. Book an escort lady of the special kind in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, Frankfurt and enjoy an indescribable erotic experience. If you are not a local resident, we will gladly recommend a hotel tailored to your needs and take care of the reservation.

Private Time Rough

You already have experience in the BDSM area, but no partner who would like to live out these fantasies with you? Or you are looking for first impressions from the world of bizarre eroticism? ETC Escort is the right partner for you. The ladies we mediate offer BDSM  in their service and are therefore the perfect component to complete your BDSM dreams. Please consider, however, that under normaly conditions, trust between both parties plays a particularly important role in BDSM. Therefore, some of the escort ladies do not like to decide before the first meeting which practices they would and would not carry out in detail. Nevertheless, we recommend that you share your ideas with us and that we discuss your willingness in advance with the respective lady, so that disappointments on both sides can be avoided and you can devote yourself completely to the matter at hand during the date.

Dinner Date

Would you like to make a confident appearance at your next business dinner and make an impression with an educated and eloquent lady? Then our escort service for a dinner date is the perfect choice. Our escort ladies know how to behave at such meetings and impress with their stylish appearance and communicative skills. Of course a dinner for two, where you can have valuable and intimate conversations, is much more enjoyable. You will find the preferred cuisine of our ladies in the respective profiles, if you would like to give them special attention. If the dinner date turns out to be more exciting than expected, you can of course change your date at any time and spontaneously reschedule for a private date.


Are you planning a vacation that you do not want to take alone? Do you wish an erotic wellness weekend with that certain something? Or are you planning a business trip where an eloquent escort is still missing? We make it possible for you – with not too spontaneous request – the perfect travel companion. As travelling is one of her passions, the rates for a booking of four days or longer with ETC-Escort are lower than with other high class escort agencies. Before the start of the holiday we recommend at least one dinner date with the desired escort lady to share expectations of the common holiday and to test the mutual sympathy. Please inform us in time about the wish of a holiday escort, because our ladies in their full-time occupation may have to apply for the holiday for the time being and a trip for them has to be planned as well.

Inform yourself on the website and have a look at our fee table. For journeys over 200 KM the travel costs increase to 250€. Attention! Our escort ladies refuse to spend the night with you in a small youth hostel. It is valued on 4-5***** hotels and accommodations. All prices include value added tax and are valid as remuneration for the time spent together with your chosen escort lady.

Payment options

In order to avoid misunderstandings, the transfer takes place right at the beginning. The money is handed over discreetly to our escort in an open envelope and checked in the presence of the customer.
You can also make an advance payment and transfer the amount by credit card or Paypal

Calculation on travel costs

No travel expenses at the escort lady’s place of residence = 0 €

-travels up to 150 km of the escort ladies = 200€

-travel from 150 KM including flight and train ticket = 400€

-travel ticket within Europe = 300€

Withdrawal from the contract within 12 hours prior to the use of the escort service is possible and there are no costs. Payment that has been made will be transferred back within 3 days. A processing fee of 250 € will be charged.